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September 1, 2011
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Top Sportsman: Keith Haney Racing

Keith Haney Racing

A lifelong drag racer, Keith Haney has spent the last few years establishing himself as a competitor in NHRA’s Top Sportsman division. Riding on the success of his businesses, Keith has finally been able to venture into the drag racing world with a properly-backed team. With his Stroupe-built Pontiac GXP, he is sure to be a front-runner well into the future.

Keith Haney Racing Car

Last season, Haney was the fastest in qualifying several times, and established a new track record. This year, the car was wrecked in testing, but the team will be back and stronger than ever once the new chassis is finished. The L1600A we have in the car survived the crash unscathed.

The L1600A is a 16v, 12-pound battery with the built-in protection system. Keith has been using them for a long time now, saying: “I have been using Lithium Pros for 3 years now and think it is the best battery I have ever used!” – Keith Haney

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