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Lithium Pros batteries are very different in characteristics compared to lead acid batteries.  They do not have a memory effect.  They do not sulfate when stored at less than 100% State of Charge.

In fact the battery will last longer if stored at about 50% SOC. For the longest life, Lithium Pros batteries should be stored in a cool environment, preferably close to 34’F. Long term storage above 115’F should be avoided if possible. However, please note:

“All L-Series batteries (L925-16A, L1600A, L925, L680, L545, L375, L545-16A, and others) require recharging every 60 days.”

Why? The internal battery management system consumes a small amount of amperage continuously and that energy is coming from the battery pack directly. Therefore the recharge is necessary to replace this energy that is proving the monitoring functions of the BMS.

The self discharge rate of the cells themselves is very low.  A low amperage (less than 500mA) battery maintainer set at 13.8VDC or less may be used for this maintenance on 12V L series Lithium Pros batteries.

A low amperage (less than 500mA) battery maintainer set at 17.25V or less may be used on 16V L series Lithium Pros batteries.

In contrast trickle chargers and other chargers with output voltages above those shown here are NOT recommended and may overheat the battery.

On the other hand, the C series do not require periodic recharge and can be stored for a year or more without charging.  Battery maintainers and trickle chargers are NOT recommended for long term storage.

See the relevant MSDS sheet and our FAQs for more handling information.