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July 29, 2011
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August 8, 2011
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Nitrous Express Diesel Dragster | Lithium Pros

The team at Nitrous Express is already well-known for their great products and service in the racing world, but they also participate. Their latest is a 24-foot purpose-built dragster, powered by an upgraded 7.0L Duramax diesel engine and fed by not only two massive turbochargers, but also their dual-stage diesel nitrous system. This car made 1154 hp and 1682 ft-lbs on its first and only full nitrous pull at 26 pounds of boost. Once the setup is dialed in, they hope to run 45 pounds! Naturally, such a massive diesel engine requires a lot of power to turn over.

That’s where Lithium Pros comes in. NX uses one of our best 12V batteries, the L3400. While it weighs an unbelievably light 15.5 pounds, it cranks the car with ease. You can see it in the picture above the rear tires, right in front of the parachute. Here is a video of the car starting: L3400 starting the 1150hp NX Dragster

Mike Wood of Nitrous Express had nothing but great things to say about our battery:

“The new battery kicked butt! I didn’t know how much I appreciated it until I put a standard 78 series battery in the car. It did start the car but nothing like the LP unit. The difference was night and day. I’m a believer in your technology.” – Mike Wood, Nitrous Express

Though the team has been battling some mechanical teething pains this year, they hope to be around a 4.80 ET in the 1/8th mile and somewhere below 7.50 in the 1/4 soon. You can see more pictures of the Dragster on NX’s website.

As of Sept. 10th, the Nitrous Express team are now the NHRDA World Champions! They took the win in Topeka, despite rain and several equipment problems. Now, their plan is to run the remaining NADM events and then visit the Texas Mile in late October to make an attempt at a land speed record–the dragster is geared out to hit 275mph!

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