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August 11, 2011
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Cagnazzi Racing

Since coming onto the NHRA scene in 2000, Cagnazzi Racing has built a strong reputation for itself as a competitive, winning team. This year, young Erica Enders has returned to the team, to campaign a Chevy Cobalt in the Pro Stock series. She has already become the first woman to qualify No. 1 at a national event, and to run in the final round. Currently sitting 5th in points, Erica also hopes to do well in the Countdown to the Chamionship (the equivalent of Pro Stock playoffs), hoping to become the first female winner at a national event, and perhaps even the first ever female Champion.

“When you’re fine tuning a Pro Stock car to speeds over 210 mph in 6.5 seconds, moving weight around the car is key. And the Lithium Pro battery at 6.5lbs allows us to do that along with the power to start this hotrod round by round.”

A competitive Pro Stock car requires several things: a good car, a good driver, and a good team. To help out with the car side of it, Lithium Pros built an L925-16A for Erica to use in her pursuits this season. The 16v, 6 pound battery is the perfect choice for a total-loss (no alternator) drag car where cranking performance and capacity are critical, yet light weight is also important. Happily, the L925-16A accomplishes all of those things with the added benefit of recharging quickly between heats.

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