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Sponsored Angler: John Crews

John Crews: Professional Angler

Lithium Pros is proud to announce their sponsorship of professional angler John Crews for the 2014 season! Mr. Crews fishes tournaments on the Bassmaster Elite series. This year, he will be using our M3180 setup for a cranking battery, as well as a pair of M3130-36 trolling motor batteries with the onboard 36V DC charger.

John Crews: Professional Angler

John Crews: Professional Angler

“In my fishing, I want to have every advantage possible. After running Lithium Pros lithium batteries last year, there is no turning back. The weight and strength advantages are huge. The best part is that the staff at Lithium Pros is very helpful and knowledgeable plus they are made in the USA. It is hard to find that combination for anything these days.”

Since he was a small child, John Crews has loved to fish. From the small pond in his backyard all the way to a hard-earned victory at the 2010 Duel in the Delta, he has quickly risen to become one of the most respected competitors on both the Bassmaster and FLW tours.

Beginning his professional career in 2000, Crews would bounce around in several series, eventually taking a strong foothold as a pro in the FLW series in 2002. Success wouldn’t stop there, however, as the very next year he would secure a 3rd place finish in a major tournament and be invited to the FLW Tour Championship on the James River, which he had grown up fishing.

A strong 8th place finish in that event laid the groundwork for further success. 2004 brought even more top-10 finishes in FLW, while 2005 marked Crews’ shift into the BASS series. Crews would eventually move out of the FLW series in ’07 in order to fish more BASS events. Since then, he has continued to rack up top-10 and top-5 finishes, including a win at the Duel in the Delta in 2010.

Lithium Pros is a privately held company in Knoxville, TN that manufactures Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries for racing, marine, and industrial applications. Lithium Pros offers batteries in 12, 16, 24, and 36V in sizes from 11Ah to 100Ah, as well as accessories. Lithium Pros also develops the necessary supporting electronics to integrate lithium ion batteries into applications with alternators. These are intended for lead acid battery replacement in applications where weight, fast recharge time, and cycle life are of paramount importance.

Lithium Pros’ forte is engine starting batteries, and they are used to start some of the fastest vehicles on Earth. The team is committed to making batteries that deliver the best engine starting performance of any lithium ion battery of the same size on the market. See for more information.

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