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SEMA Show 2014

Lithium Pros will be at the SEMA show in Las Vegas, NV November 1~4, 2014 in booth 22924.  SEMA is the show to be at for all things automotive “showcasing the hottest products made by the brightest minds.” Read more here: http://www.semashow.com/the-sema-show

It is the perfect venue to talk about Lithium Pros high power lithium ion batteries for exotic street and track only race cars. Lithium Pros has been powering the fastest vehicles on Earth for over three years and continues to innovate new and better ways to bring cutting edge lithium ion technology to the automotive market.  Our forte is engine starting batteries and we have LiFePO4 batteries that are unmatched in cranking performance.

Several cars in the show will be powered by Lithium Pros including Iconicus Studio’s 1974 Pro Stock Corvette powered by our L1600A, 16V battery.

Lithium Pros batteries feature 1/3 of the weight, 5x faster charging, and 5x the cycle life of conventional lead acid batteries. If your vehicle has titanium, carbon fiber, or rollbars, remember this is one battery you need.

Lithium Pros also offers high performance batteries for marine applications in 12V, 24, and 36V. Seven out of the top 25 anglers in the world run Lithium Pros today.

Lithium Pros designs and manufactures lithium ion batteries using various chemistries to bring the right battery high performance vehicles.

Assembled in Knoxville, TN, the batteries feature state of art internal battery management and high power cells to provide engine cranking performance like no other. Come by the booth and see what we can do for you.

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