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April 6, 2016
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Lithium Pros L925-16ACK: 16V/11Ah Lithium Ion Battery

L925-16ACK 16V 11Ah Lithium Ion Racing Battery kit


Designed for Pro Mod drag racing, this battery has been amazing teams for over a year. Fast cranking, fast recharge times, only 6.2 lbs. What more could you want? If you are racing Pro-Mod this is the battery for you.

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L925-16A 16V 11Ah Lithium Ion Racing Battery kit is purpose built for Pro Stock racing.  It includes an L925-16A battery and a 1013 charger.  This is the battery of choice when 16V is required and weight is critical.  Whether your drag racing Pro Stock or other classes where the car is towed to the line and weight is critical, this is the battery for you.  The compact size fits great in several locations on the vehicle and battery trays are readily available.

Weighing only 6.2 lbs, the L925-16A 16V 11Ah Lithium Ion Racing Battery is super light weight.  But don’t let the weight fool you.  This battery cranks an engine like nothing else.  The high power Lithium Iron Phosphate cells used in this 16V 11Ah Lithium Ion Racing Battery are optimized for the highest power output.  That means lightning fast engine starts every time.   You’ll need two of the “other guy’s” batteries to do what one of these will.

The L925-16A 16V 11Ah Lithium Ion Racing Battery features our world class fully digital battery management system which monitors all the cells at all times in order to ensure maximum life and safety.  It is also fully compatible with 16V alternators (18.25V maximum output).  What about “bumping the motor” to adjust valves?  No problem.  The BMS system inside the battery can handle it.

Thanks to the Lithium Iron Phosphate technology, the voltage will be higher near the end of the pass (or race), giving you a performance advantage and more consistent voltage all the way to the finish line.

The 1013 charger is a 18.25V 15A charger that is simple to use.  It is a simple two LED system where “green” means go.  It is completely automatic and accepts voltage from 100VAC~240VAC.

Erica Enders became the first female to win in NHRA Pro Stock in July 2012, racing for Cagnazzi Racing.  She counted on her L925-16A to do that.

*Note: All 16V lithium-ion batteries require a specialty battery charger.  Do not use 16V battery chargers designed for 16V lead acid batteries.

Weight12 lbs
  • Automatic high voltage protection
  • Automatic low voltage protection
  • Fast cranking-Handles engines up to 900 cu in.
  • Fast recharge-usually less than 20 minutes
  • Fully compatible with alternators (18.0V)
  • Over current protection
  • Short circuit protection
  • Solid state MOSFET protection system-no mechanical switches!
  • Thermal protection
Dimensions12.25 × 9.25 × 12 in
CA (Pb Eq)




Charge Volts


Max Amps


Reserve Capacity