1015A 16V 25A Lithium Ion Racing Battery Charger


This sophisticated battery charger is a perfect choice for any of our 12V offerings. With a 25A charge rate, your racing batteries will be charged in no time. Great for topping off between rounds, or simply making sure your battery is 100% full before use.

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1015A 16V 25A Lithium Ion Racing Battery Charger is purpose built for Lithium Pros 16V Lithium Ion Racing batteries.  It is a light weight, high frequency type charger for rapid charging 16V batteries made with Lithium Iron Phosphate cells.  The 25A of output typically recharges Lithium Pros 16V Lithium Ion Racing batteries in 12 minutes or less after a typical 1/4 mile drag racing pass.  (Actual recharge time varies by specific application and energy consumed.)  High frequency chargers like the 1015A 16V 25A Lithium Ion Racing Battery Charger offer very consistent and smooth output voltage extending the life of your battery.

It is 6 lbs and connects to the battery with alligator clips.  These can be removed and quick disconnects of the racer’s choice can be installed.  (Please insure any connectors are tightly crimped and soldered onto the output wires from the charger.  Carefully observe polarity.)

The 1015A 16V 25A Lithium Ion Racing Battery Charger is fully automatic and fan cooled.  Simply connect the charger and the internal sensing circuitry will auto detect the battery.  Once the battery is detected in five seconds or less, charging will start.  The single LED show the simple status of the charger.  This status LED is blue while charging.  It will change to green when charging is complete and the charger has stopped.  This LED will turn red if the charger is connected in reverse polarity or short circuited.

It features a soft start mode in which the charger will reduce current flow if the battery is at a very low state of charge.  Once the battery voltage has risen, normal fast charging will resume.  This is a great feature to protect and prolong the life of your lithium ion battery.

It features an LCD display which alternates between battery voltage and charging amperage.

This 1015A 16V 25A Lithium Ion Racing Battery Charger is universal voltage meaning that it accepts anything from 90VAC~264VAC @ 45~65Hz.  (USA power cords included.) It consumes 7A of AC power max.

Additional information

Shipping Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 9.125 × 4.625 × 3.25 in


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