1050 Two Bank Battery Charger for 12V and 36V batteries


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The 1050 Two Bank Battery Charger is an on-board battery charger for Lithium Pros lithium-ion batteries and more. This IP67 waterproof charger mounts in the boat and directly charges the 12V and 36V banks from a single outlet.  The primary bank charges the 36V trolling bank and the 12V auxiliary output charges the starting bank.  Now, one charger does it all!

Using the latest in high frequency technology, the 1050 delivers up to 800 watts total.  That 800W total includes 525W for the trolling batteries (up to 12A max) and 225W for the starting battery(ies) at 10A max. Since each bank has its own status lights, you can quickly see when you’re good to go on both. Charge your batteries fast with the 1050 Two Bank Battery Charger!

The ProView D-Link app (on the App Store for Apple and Android) allows you to connect directly to the unit and monitor amp-hours, current, voltage, and battery status right from your phone.  Whats more, you can select battery type for each bank independently! For instance, you can set the crank battery to AGM and the trolling batteries to Lithium Pros lithium-ion.

The 1050 is only 12 lbs.  Take out heavy transformer type chargers and drop in this high efficiency battery charger for an instant weight savings of up to 30 lbs. Because its universal input voltage of 85~265 VAC 50~60Hz, it works anywhere in the world.

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Shipping Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 12.5 × 7.25 × 4.75 in


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