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  • Lithium Pros E702: 2 Bank Precision Battery Monitor


    E712 Two Bank Battery Monitor with Bluetooth

    The E602 is a gauge the provides a wealth of information regarding the state of charge of your trolling and starting batteries. This gauge not only displays voltage, amperage, state of charge and time to go, but it also gives an audible alarm when the battery is getting over discharged.

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  • Lithium Pros M3110: 12V/110Ah Starting Lithium Ion Battery


    M3110 12V 110Ah Marine Starting Battery

    The M3110 is for the angler who will accept no compromises in a starting and deep cycle battery.

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  • Lithium Pros M3140-36: 36V/40Ah Deep Cycle Lithium Ion Battery


    M3140-36 36V 40Ah Trolling Battery

    If you are looking for a lightweight battery to power a 36V DC trolling motor, this is it! At only 29 lbs, it is hard to believe that ONE battery can do what THREE Optima 34M batteries can but that is exactly what the M3140-36 can do.

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  • Lithium Pros M3130-36CK: 36V/60Ah Deep Cycle Lithium Ion Battery Kit


    M3130-36CK 36V 60Ah Trolling Battery kit

    This is the 36V battery kit we recommend for tournament anglers using 36V trolling motors. It consists of two M3130-36 lithium ion batteries and one DC charger.

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  • Lithium Pros 1011: 12V/17A Battery Charger


    1011 12V 17A Lithium Ion Battery Charger

    A great choice for charging any Lithium Pros 12V battery. With a 15A charge rate, you can easily top up your battery between rounds, or simply charge the battery before use. This charger features an LCD display, which shows the voltage during charging.

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