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  • TM2450

    TM2450 12.8V 50Ah Lithium Ion Battery

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  • Lithium Pros M3180: 12V/80Ah Starting Lithium Ion Battery


    M3180 12V 80Ah Marine Starting Battery

    The M3180 is a Lithium Ion Battery for starting outboards of all kinds.  It is equivalent capacity to most Group 29/31 lead acid batteries on the market.

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  • TM2470

    TM2470 12.8V 70Ah Lithium Ion Battery

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  • Lithium Pros C680: 12V/11Ah Lithium Ion Battery


    C680 12V 11Ah Lithium Ion Racing Battery

    Our most popular 12V battery, the C680 is a great choice for starting sport compacts with small- to medium-sized alternators (maximum of 14.4V and 60A alternator output). These batteries are unbelievably lightweight at just under 4 pounds, yet the cranking performance is comparable to a standard-sized lead-acid battery.

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  • Lithium Pros C925: 12V/20Ah Lithium Ion Battery


    C925 12V 20Ah Lithium Ion Racing Battery

    A great choice for some street-driven vehicles, the C925 is a good choice for the user who desires a little more cranking performance and reserve capacity versus the C680.

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  • TM3190

    TM3190 12.8V 90Ah Lithium Ion Trolling Battery

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  • TM3110

    TM3110 12.8V 110Ah Lithium Ion Trolling Battery

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  • Lithium Pros M3110: 12V/110Ah Starting Lithium Ion Battery


    M3110 12V 110Ah Marine Starting Battery

    The M3110 is for the angler who will accept no compromises in a starting and deep cycle battery.

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  • Lithium Pros 1011: 12V/17A Battery Charger


    1011 12V 17A Lithium Ion Battery Charger

    A great choice for charging any Lithium Pros 12V battery. With a 15A charge rate, you can easily top up your battery between rounds, or simply charge the battery before use. This charger features an LCD display, which shows the voltage during charging.

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