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December 12, 2012
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Pro Angler Ott Defoe

Ott Defoe Bass Boat

Ott Defoe is an up-and-coming professional angler, competing in the Bassmaster All-Star series, among others. Fishing professionally for only 6 years, he has shown himself to be a rising star in a short time. In 2011, he not only won the Bassmaster Rookie of the Year award, but went on to claim the Elite Series All-Star title!

Needless to say, when Lithium Pros wanted a professional angler to give our batteries a true real-world test, Ott was the perfect candidate. Ott runs (4) of our M3110 batteries; one for cranking and three in series for his 36V trolling motor. Here’s what Ott has to say about us:

“Lithium Pros is serious about bringing the proper application of lithium-ion to the bass fishing marketplace. The benefit of saving 1/2 the weight of a comparable lead acid is obviously a huge plus but there is a lot more to this. Lithium-ion batteries also provide more power and the charging times are truly amazing. This is all due to a built-in battery management system, which is what sets Lithium Pros apart in this developing technology.

I noticed the difference immediately in practice for the Bassmaster Classic. The weight of my boat was reduced by over 150 pounds and I could stand on the trolling motor all day covering water.  At night my recharge times were so quick.  Thanks to these batteries I have really been able to maximize my time this year.”

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