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January 12, 2012
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May 10, 2012
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New Product Line -The Marine Battery That Floats!


Lithium Pros introduces the world’s first floating marine battery made especially for electric trolling motors. Featuring the most advanced lithium ion technology available, this battery has four distinct advantages:

1. Light weight. Because of their 3x higher specific energy and energy density numbers, Lithium Pros batteries are inherently light, so light in fact they float! They are easy on the back when you have to lug them in and out of a boat. The substantially lighter weight also allows the boat to go further into shallow water. If you are carrying the battery, you need to be using a Lithium Pros battery.

2. Super deep cycling ability. A Lithiumpros battery can be thought of as the ultimate deep cycling battery. Depending on the depth of discharge, a Lithium Pros battery can do 5x as many cycles as a lead acid. Also the Lithium Pros battery can easily handle 80% Depth of Discharge (DOD) whereas the lead acid is good only for 50% DOD. The deeper you go, the more the Lithium Pros battery will outperform the lead acid battery. If you are replacing a lead acid battery in two years or less due to deep cycling damage, you will save money in the long run moving to a Lithium Pros battery.

3. Fast recharging. Lithium Pros batteries can accept charge current at up to 5x faster than a lead acid battery. What’s more, the charge efficiency is about 97% for the Lithium Pros battery vs. the 75% for the lead acid.

4. Strong all day long. Because of the very flat discharge curve of the Lithium Pros battery you will note that the battery is strong all day.

Lithium Pros M series batteries feature a four year full replacement warranty. See www.lithiumpros.com/development/support/warranty for more details.

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