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Lithium Pros Introduces New T-Series 16V Batteries for Drag Racing

Lithium Pros T Series

Lithium Pros introduces the new T series of lightweight racing batteries for drag racing applications. The T680-16 Lithium Powerpack is a 16V lithium ion battery designed for all classes of drag racing. The combination of high current delivery and ultra light weight provides an excellent value in a lightweight racing battery. This 16V Lithium-Ion battery has 26 minutes of reserve, a total capacity of 11Ah, and yet weighs only 5 lbs. It is rated 605A PHCA so it can easily start engines up to 800 cu in.

Because of its high voltage during discharge and its deep cycling capability, it can replace lead acid batteries up to 30Ah in capacity.

**This introductory pricing expires for both the T680-16CK and the T1600CK on 1/1/2012

** The T1600 Lithium Powerpack is for applications where more capacity is required.

This 16V Lithium-Ion battery has 46 minutes of reserve, a total capacity of 20Ah, and yet weighs only 9.8 lbs. It is rated 750A PHCA so it can easily start engines up to 800 cu in. It can replace lead acid batteries up to 60Ah in capacity and complete up to 100 lap dirt track events.

Both batteries features cell balancing for safety, long life, and maximum capacity. A novel feature is the three terminal design.

The battery is discharged on the two main terminals, and charged on a third terminal. Internally, a solid state protection system monitors each cell, ensuring that the charging process is safe.

The battery is 182mm L x 77mm W x 167mm H and a full line of battery holders are available at www.lithiumpros.com/development. Either battery can be quickly recharged with the Lithium Pros 1008 or 1013 Lithium IntelliChargers (sold separately.)

The T680-16 has an MSRP of $736, making this battery an excellent value at only $19 per pound saved vs. a lightweight AGM 16V battery. The MSRP of the T1600 is $1,047, for $21 per pound saved vs. a standard AGM 16V battery.

For the introduction, the T680-16 will be offered for $695 with a free charger, and the T1600 will be $995 with a free charger.

Lithium Pros designs, manufactures, and distributes ultra lightweight lithium-ion batteries for automotive applications. Located in Knoxville, TN USA, they offer a broad range of batteries to fit various applications. Please visit their website at www.lithiumpros.com/development or call (865) 688-2083 for more information.

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