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January 10, 2011
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May 23, 2011
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For Immediate Release Friday March 11, 2011

Lithium Products, LLC announced today that it has acquired all the assets and intellectual property of Key Components, Inc. relating to its lithium-ion battery operations. Up to now, these ultra light weight batteries were branded “XS Power” but in the future they will be know by their new trademark, “LP” with its distinct mark.

Lithium Products, LLC will do business as “Lithium Pros” and will continue to work out of the facilities at 7501 Strawberry Plains Pike, TN  37924. Lithium Pros can be reached at (865) 688-2083 or on the web at

Lithium Pros will continue to service all XS Power lithium batteries in use. XS Power continues to design, manufacture, and distribute the highest quality AGM batteries for automotive use. XS Power remains the choice of champions in competition car audio, racing, marine, and commercial applications.

XS Power has recently moved to 2847 John Deere Drive, Suite 102, Knoxville, TN  37917 and can be reached at (888) 497-7693, (865) 688-5953, or on the web at

“I am excited about the opportunities for us in development of lithium-ion batteries for high current applications.  The award winning team that worked so hard over the years on the lithium-ion battery offerings for XS Power has migrated to this new entity and is ready to go further, pushing the boundaries of ultra lightweight batteries,” said Kevin Bennett, President of Lithium Products, LLC.

Lithium Products, LLC’s mission statement is “Through constant innovation, provide safe, high power lithium-ion battery packs that are easy to install and use for all types of automobiles.” Lithium Products, LLC is a limited liability company registered in the State of Tennessee that designs, manufactures, and distributes lithium-ion batteries to replace lead acid batteries in various high amperage automotive applications.

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