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February 9, 2010
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April 9, 2010
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Goforth Racing Set World Record With Lithium Pros Battery

Goforth Racing Sets World Record with Lithium Pros Battery

Congratulations to Goforth Racing on their resetting their own world record in Houston on 03/20/10 with a 4.048 second pass at 179.04 mph! This is both a new E/T record and a new top speed record for Extreme Pro Stock. Great job guys!

Cary and Time

Lithium Pros is proud to be working with winners like Goforth Racing. Dean and Cary both are top competitors in the ADRL Extreme Pro Stock class and they know what hard work is all about. They know that setting and resetting world records doesn’t come by chance, it come from attention to detail. That’s why they run the Lr48 lithium battery from Lithium Pros.

This is the world’s only voltage regulated battery (patent pending) which generates faster engine starts and more importantly locks the output voltage within 100mV* through the pass. Now they can count on the voltage every time!

“I put the battery in Dean’s car for Rockingham [ADRL, 2009] and the first run put us in the #1 spot for the weekend! The voltage stability and cranking power are amazing. We ran the Lr48 in both cars for the first time at ADRL Dallas [2009]. We qualified #1 and #2 , set the world record and won the race. Thanks John and Kevin and everyone at Lithium Pros for the best performing battery I have ever seen in my career!! “ – 03/05/10, Chris Bell, crew chief for Goforth Racing *up to 150A.

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