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August 22, 2011
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Probst Motorsports

This year, the off-road veterans at Probst Motorsports have started campaigning two new midget cars in the Illini Racing Series, driven by young upstart Ryan Probst and their new driver, Patrick Wilda. Campaigning in only the pavement races this season, the team plans to move into a full schedule for 2012.

The IRS series is geared to prepare drivers for national Midget racing in a relatively affordable way, using engines and tires that need rebuilt or changed much less frequently. Common engine choices are the Chevrolet EcoTec and that of the Ford Focus. Thus far, Ryan has shown great promise in the IRS series.

Rookies are required to start from the back of the field in this series, so the team has had their work cut out for them. Despite that handicap and the lack of experience, Ryan seems to do better with each race. He has already demonstrated his ability to work through the field and toward the top position. It is clear that in a season or two, this team will be a front runner.

After having repeated issues with some other lightweight batteries common to the series, Probst Motorsports switched to our L545, and they have not looked back! The L545 is a 4 pound battery, capable of delivering a maximum of 560 cranking amps. It also features our solid-state battery management system for safety and monitoring of the lithium cells. Here is what they had to say about our battery:

“We looked at Lithium Pros batteries because we were having problems with our other AGM batteries. We lost 5 batteries this season (all were new). After I spoke with Kevin about the benefits of the Lithium Pros Battery, we decided the cost was secondary to the benefits.

We not only saved the weight (8 pounds per car) but more importantly, we resolved the total loss issue and recharge issues we were having. These batteries recharge fast. Typically, after the cars come off the track, we plug in the chargers. They shut down in less than 5 minutes with a full charge. We have also noticed that we can go through 2 to 3 sessions on the track without charging, as these batteries are able to maintain a full voltage much longer than any of the AGM batteries we used previously.

Our Sportsman car also has an electric fuel pump, no issues with the added draw on the system at all. Just as a side note, there are guys spending 5 grand on carbon fiber bodies to save 8 -10 pounds of weight in a midget. This battery package saves the same for 1/5th the cost. It is easy to justify if you look at it! Also, the battery life is likely to be much longer than the life of a carbon body. WIN, WIN.

Overall, I would highly recommend the Lithium Pros batteries for anyone who is serious about consistent electrical supply in their vehicle. The weight is just a bonus. These batteries ROCK!!!!”

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