July 3, 2012
Erica Enders in Winners Circle

Enders becomes first woman to win NHRA Pro Stock

History was made this weekend, when Cagnazzi Racing’s Erica Enders drove her Chevy Cobalt into the winner’s circle, narrowly beating four-time class champion Gregg Anderson in the O’Reilly Auto Parts Route 66 NHRA Nationals at Route 66 Raceway. This may develop into a friendly rivalry, as last year she became the first female to qualify #1 and race in the final round…but lost to Anderson on that day. The Cagnazzi cars, Ender’s included, run T1600 Lithium Powerpacks, a great choice for anyone in the Pro Stock class. This battery has plenty of reserve capacity and cranking power, yet still weighs under […]
July 29, 2011
Lithium Pros T Series

Lithium Pros Introduces New T-Series 16V Batteries for Drag Racing

Lithium Pros introduces the new T series of lightweight racing batteries for drag racing applications. The T680-16 Lithium Powerpack is a 16V lithium ion battery designed for all classes of drag racing. The combination of high current delivery and ultra light weight provides an excellent value in a lightweight racing battery. This 16V Lithium-Ion battery has 26 minutes of reserve, a total capacity of 11Ah, and yet weighs only 5 lbs. It is rated 605A PHCA so it can easily start engines up to 800 cu in. Because of its high voltage during discharge and its deep cycling capability, it […]