August 15, 2012
Baton Rouge Solar Team

High School Solar Racers

Team picture after the race. From l-r, Peter Oelschlaeger (Faculty Sponsor), Tony Licata (Safety), Taylor Matthew, Sean Stuart, Brandon Augustus, Murphy Johnson (Driver), Rick Hochenedel (Driver), Leslie Morgan (Driver), Van Le (Master Mechanic), Alidia Findley (Captain), Kevin Stuart (Parent/Chaperon). Earlier this year, a crowd gathered at Texas Motor Speedway for a race event–but not the kind one might expect. There was no telltale roar of internal combustion engines in the pits, only the sounds of battery chargers and teams preparing their vehicles for the upcoming race. This race is not driven by gasoline or methanol, or even the batteries themselves–instead, […]
June 22, 2010

Lithium Battery Charging Instructions With Chris Rini

Want to see how easy it is to charge and use our new lithium powerpacks?  Check out drag race champion Chris Rini explaining how his XS Power battery gets him back on the track, fast!