September 23, 2010
Lithium Pros L925

Lithium Pros L925 12V Lithium Lightweight Racing Battery

Lithium Pros introduces the L925 Lithium Powerpack, a lightweight racing battery for circle track racing applications. This product joins the ranks of the track proven Lithium Powerpacks already in use by top racers in the ADRL, NHRA, and IHRA. The L925 Lithium Powerpack is fully alternator compatible and weighs only 9 lbs 8 oz. It features 23 Ah of capacity in a compact 925 size case. It is fully alternator compatible and designed for circle track racing. This 12V Lithium-Ion battery has 53 minutes of reserve, can deliver 1,200A max and 125A continuously. This is more than enough to start V8, […]