November 13, 2013
PRI 2013

Performance Racing Industry Trade Show 2013

We will be at the PRI show this year, from December 12-14th at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis. We’ll be in booth #6054, and we’ll have our full line of racing and marine batteries on display, so come by and check them out!
February 2, 2012

New Product Line -The Marine Battery That Floats!

Lithium Pros introduces the world’s first floating marine battery made especially for electric trolling motors. Featuring the most advanced lithium ion technology available, this battery has four distinct advantages: 1. Light weight. Because of their 3x higher specific energy and energy density numbers, Lithium Pros batteries are inherently light, so light in fact they float! They are easy on the back when you have to lug them in and out of a boat. The substantially lighter weight also allows the boat to go further into shallow water. If you are carrying the battery, you need to be using a Lithium […]
January 8, 2012

How does cold weather affect lithium batteries?

As winter sets in and the weather gets colder, we get lots of calls and questions about how our batteries perform in winter weather, and what steps need to be taken to maintain them. ALL batteries will perform poorly in cold weather, regardless of whether they are lithium or lead-acid. In fact, a lithium battery will still outperform a comparably-sized lead-acid when the temperature drops. However, since most people try to run the smallest and lightest lithium battery possible, there are some things to be aware of: For a daily-driven car… …almost no extra effort is required. On a very […]
September 1, 2011
Probst Motorsports

Featured: Probst Motorsports

This year, the off-road veterans at Probst Motorsports have started campaigning two new midget cars in the Illini Racing Series, driven by young upstart Ryan Probst and their new driver, Patrick Wilda. Campaigning in only the pavement races this season, the team plans to move into a full schedule for 2012. The IRS series is geared to prepare drivers for national Midget racing in a relatively affordable way, using engines and tires that need rebuilt or changed much less frequently. Common engine choices are the Chevrolet EcoTec and that of the Ford Focus. Thus far, Ryan has shown great promise […]
August 22, 2011
Cagnazzi Racing

Sponsored: Cagnazzi Racing

Since coming onto the NHRA scene in 2000, Cagnazzi Racing has built a strong reputation for itself as a competitive, winning team. This year, young Erica Enders has returned to the team, to campaign a Chevy Cobalt in the Pro Stock series. She has already become the first woman to qualify No. 1 at a national event, and to run in the final round. Currently sitting 5th in points, Erica also hopes to do well in the Countdown to the Chamionship (the equivalent of Pro Stock playoffs), hoping to become the first female winner at a national event, and perhaps […]
January 10, 2011
Lithium Pros C545

New Product: Lithium Pros C545 Lithium Powerpack

Lithium Pros introduces the C545 Lithium Powerpack, an ultra lightweight racing battery for 12V applications. It is one of the C series of Lithium Powerpacks from Lithium Pros that features world class lithium performance at an affordable price. The C545 Lithium Powerpack is Lithium Pros’ lightest 12V battery to date and is a perfect fit for street use, road racing, motorcycle, and ATV racing applications. It can deliver high currents in short bursts and is designed for starting engines up to 3.0L and yet it only weighs only 3.63 lbs. This 12V Lithium-Ion battery is fully alternator compatible, has a […]
January 10, 2011
Lithium Pros C375

New Product: Lithium Pros C375 Lithium Powerpack

Lithium Pros introduces the C375 Lithium Powerpack, a lightweight racing battery for 12V automotive road racing and circle track applications. It is one of the C series of Lithium Powerpacks from Lithium Pros that feature world class lithium performance at an affordable price. The C375 Lithium Powerpack is fully alternator compatible and weighs only 3.81 lbs. The performance vs. cost of this battery makes it a great value in a lightweight racing battery for street use, road course, asphalt circle track, and dirt track with alternators. This 12V Lithium-Ion battery has 18 minutes of reserve at 25A and a total […]