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April 14, 2011
Lithium Pros T Series
Lithium Pros Introduces New T-Series 16V Batteries for Drag Racing
July 29, 2011
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Mike Gault Motorsports Dirt Track Racing | Lithium Pros

Will it work in the dirt? You bet! Several dirt track racers have been testing the Lithium Pros L1600A, L925-16A, and the new C1600 battery on dirt tracks across the South and Midwest with great results. Why run a lithium ion battery in a dirt car? Because it’s an easy way to shave 31 pounds from the car and have the same great 16V performance as a typical 16V AGM battery.

This battery only weighs 11 lbs yet has enough capacity to cover a 100 lap race. It’s the same size as the 16V AGM batteries in use so no bracket changes are necessary, just take out one and drop this one in its place. You’re good to go!

How well does it work? Mike Gault (#17) of South Carolina said,

“The battery [C1600] is working great! It takes about 20 minutes to recharge. I’ve been showing it to several of my race buddies and they love it so you’ll probably be getting some calls from them. Thanks again for the support!”

Other dirt track cars are testing right now as well and are just as thrilled. Got an alternator? No problem, just set it at 18.0V and you’re ready to race. Prefer 12V?  We’ve got you covered as well.  Call and get yours today!

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