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BITW Technologies Eco Racer


It is no surprise that hybrids and electric vehicles (EVs) have become so common in recent years. With gas prices seemingly always on the rise and the ever-increasing efficiency of electric motors and batteries, the hybrid has gone from something of a pipe dream to a tangible alternative. Automotive manufacturers have been perfecting the technology for over a decade, and now a person of sufficient time, knowledge, and motivation can buy the parts and assemble their own.

Two of the aforementioned people are George Voll and Dan Boyd, a couple of long-time friends from Indiana with tons of mechanical experience. George manages a hardware store, and has also been a diesel enthusiast for 20 years. Dan is an engineer with racing pit crew experience. In their spare time, they and their team at BITW Technologies build and race eco-friendly hybrid cars. The passion they have for what they do was apparent when we first met BITW at SEMA in 2009.


The current ride is called the Vincitore 1000, a 2000 Chevy Metro sedan. This car was a logical choice, due to it’s small size and light weight. The car is fitted with a 3-cylinder, 950CC turbocharged diesel engine that helps the car achieve over 100MPG in real-world driving, on biofuel no less. The car was originally designed for the Progressive Insurance Automotive X Prize, but was beaten out by a small margin.

For starting the diesel engine and running the car’s basic systems, BITW turned to us.

The C680 is the 12v “workhorse” of our product line, and a perfect choice for basic electrical needs in a daily driver. Here is what Mr. Boyd had to say after running the battery for several months:

“The battery looked like an excellent fit for us as we were entered in the Progressive Insurance Automotive X Prize.  We were looking for ways to reduce weight in the vehicle and going from a 35 pound lead acid battery to a 5 pound lithium battery made sense. 

While we did not win the X Prize, we did get 107 MPG at the Green Grand Prix at Watkins Glen International, winning the Diesel class.  Reducing weight helps to increase MPG, which is something many people are concerned with as the fuel prices seem to continue to rise. We have found the battery to be trouble free and easy to work with.”

While the X Prize may have gone to a team with more time and funding, the BITW car is still an impressive feat of engineering, and 107 MPG is extremely respectable. In full trim, the Vincitore should be capable of going 1000 miles on a single tank of biodiesel! We are proud to have our battery such in a cutting edge car, and wish the team the best of luck in their further pursuits.


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