Lithium Pros has the skill set, resources, and ability to put lithium ion to work in industrial settings.  Our niche is lithium ion in 250~1,500 Watt-hour size for use in industrial automation, motive power, and other applications that can leverage the unique abilities of lithium ion to reduce operating costs.  Do you have a application where lead acid batteries are failing in two years or less?  Would being able to recharge faster be an advantage?  Are you charging from wind or solar?  Are your operators hand carrying lead acid batteries from place to place?  Contact us to start the discussion on how we can help.

Kyle Berck Racing | Lithium ProsFEATURED PRO
Kyle Berck is an accomplished dirt track racer, currently competing in several series, including Lucas Oil MLRA, Super Late Model Racing, and the NCRA. He holds numerous championships spanning a long career in dirt track racing. He also has 290 career feature wins. Kyle runs the Lithium Pros L925-16A in his Late Model.

Kyle Berck,  Dirt Track Race Car Driver

February 5, 2016

  • 1024

    1024 24V 25A Lithium Ion Marine Battery Charger

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  • Lithium Pros 1011: 12V/17A Battery Charger


    1011 12V 17A Lithium Ion Battery Charger

    A great choice for charging any Lithium Pros 12V battery. With a 15A charge rate, you can easily top up your battery between rounds, or simply charge the battery before use. This charger features an LCD display, which shows the voltage during charging.

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  • Lithium Pros M3160-24: 24V/60Ah Deep Cycle Lithium Ion Battery


    M3160-24 24V 60Ah Marine Trolling Battery

    The M3160-24 is a 24V 60Ah Marine Trolling Battery that weighs only 30.3 lbs made for freshwater and saltwater tournament anglers using 24V trolling motors.

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  • 1018

    1018 24V 10A Lithium Ion Battery Charger

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